May, 2011. Rougemont, NC


May 2, 2011. Rougemont, NC. This little guy was just a little bigger than my thumb. Beautiful orange on the underside of the legs.

American Toad

Brown Snake

Found in a garden bed close to dusk. May 1, 2011. Rougemont, NC.

Fowler’s Toad

A good looking fowler’s toad. April 2011. Rougemont, NC

Eastern Fence Lizard

Untitled by chiral_c/Catherine Stevens
Untitled, a photo by chiral_c/Catherine Stevens on Flickr.

Lots of young eastern fence lizards at the Shinleaf area of Falls Lake. April 17, 2011

Second snake of 2011

Juvenile Copperhead

Juvenile copperhead with yellow-green tail.  Rougemont, NC